Custom Clearance

DR Courier LLC is also an accredited and recognized customs clearance agency. 

Custom Clearance

DR Courier LLC is also an accredited and recognized customs clearance agency. As a recognized custom clearance agent we make sure you are updated with all the customs laws, rules, regulations and procedures from time to time. This would help us in dealing with the customs clearance of import and export consignments by sea, road and air without encountering any sort of hitches. Our services would ensure preparing and arranging the complete documentations related to import and export, valuation and examination procedures, preparing invoices for outbound shipping and all the formalities of post shipment and endorsements from the competitive authorities. Customs clearance is a strict procedure and therefore at times heavy penalties may be imposed for false declarations but our professionals are competent and familiar with all the customs clearance procedures and formalities. On the other hand, when it is entrusted to other incompetent agencies it would take more time and fail in customs brokerage. But that is not the case with us.

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First and foremost, transport packaging must serve to protect goods in transit. Given the nature of road and rail infrastructure, transport packaging should be manufactured so as to absorb unintended shocks, impacts or accidents of any kind, as well as protect against the elements such as humidity, excessive temperatures or heavy weather.


Transport packaging must take into account the possibility of multiple stages in transit before the product reaches its final destination. This includes multiple off-loading, re-packaging, re-loading and possibly storage of the product(s). Transport packaging should thus be versatile enough to facilitate this process when necessary.

Customized Solutions

Transport packaging should be as individual as the product itself and perfectly match the product’s consistency, size and dimensions. The focus here is on packaging that is lightweight, robust, easy to handle and that takes up as little space as possible.